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Founded in 1987, Jiaxing Huayi Co., Ltd. is a professional silk spinning, linen wet spinning and wool semi-worsted spinning manufacturer. It mainly produces pure linen yarn, pure cashmere wool yarn of various counts, blended yarn of customised proportions of various compositions, pure silk silk spinning yarn of various counts, and various types of fancy craft yarns.

The company now has more than 1,200 employees and more than 50 professional and technical personnel of all kinds. There are 42 silk spinning production lines and 38 semi-worsted spinning production lines, equipped with silk spinning, semi-worsted spinning, dyeing, burning and other production lines, using various kinds of raw materials, such as mulberry silk, quercus mulberry silk, wool, cotton, viscose, cashmere, rabbit flannel, nylon, ramie, flax, hemp, Tencel, modal, bamboo fibre, copper-ammonia fibre and so on, with unique spinning technology, spinning yarns in any grouping (loose fibre dyeing), and spinning count range of 16NM~240NM, and producing more than 2,000 tons of silk and blended yarn. The yarn count range is 16NM~240NM, and the annual production of silk and blended yarn is more than 2,000 tonnes. The company can carry out worsted and semi-worsted production according to the requirements of customers or products. Meanwhile, the company is equipped with professional inspectors to control and manage the quality of products and the production process, and strives to provide first-class product quality for the majority of customers.

The company has a building area of 40,000 square metres, with a modern factory building that is fully functional, well-equipped, well-informed and talent-intensive. The spacious, clean and transparent working environment is the driving force for the company to take off. Huayi is equipped with international advanced production line, which provides good quality assurance for the products. The company's operation has fully formed a modern enterprise business model integrating development, production, sales and service. Strong corporate strength, first-class production and management talents have jointly built the foundation of Huayi brand business. Enterprises continue to hire a professional team, upgrading the workshop, over the years, has been in the scale, technology, market, efficiency and other aspects of the advantageous position.

The company gives full play to the enthusiasm of the staff, relying on scientific and technological strength and the innovative spirit of pioneering, has developed loose wool dyed yarn, quasar cotton blended AB yarn, all kinds of coloured, natural silk cashmere, silk tencel and other blended silk, of which the blended product development of silk and tencel has been included in the National Spark Plan project. The company has more than 15,000 spindles of silk spinning production, more than 20,000 spindles of semi-worsted spinning production and more than 16,000 spindles of linen yarn. The annual output of silk and blended yarn is more than 2,000 tonnes, and linen yarn is more than 2,400 tonnes, and the annual output value of the group company in 2022 will be about 450 million yuan.

The good quality of Huayi's products not only comes from having advanced production lines and first-class equipments, but also depends on Huayi's excellent management mechanism and perfect quality inspection capability. In order to ensure the reliability of product quality, the company has set up a professional inspection room and added various quality inspection equipments to carry out more precise experiments and measurements on the performance of the products to make the products more reliable in terms of performance, which shows Huayi's commitment to the quality of the products and ensures that the quality of Huayi products meets the quality inspection standards completely.

Huayi has been implementing the enterprise spirit of ‘strengthening enterprise management, improving overall quality, improving product quality, creating the best benefits, and striving for the first-class enterprise’, and has been taking ‘quality of survival, quality of development, quality of efficiency, quality of reputation’ as the basis of the enterprise. The enterprise is constantly improving the internal management, enhance the quality of enterprises, and strive to serve customers with first-class products and quality.